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For nearly a decade now, the Undertaker has been menacing the World Wrestling Federation. Before there was Mankind, The Rock, Triple H, or even Stone Cold Steve Austin, there was the Undertaker. When the Undertaker started, Shawn Michaels was still a Rocker, Bret Hart was in the original Hart Foundation, and Hulkamania ruled the WWF. Why has the Undertaker outlasted all other gimmicks? Because the character had room to evolve.
 When the Undertaker started, he was an undead, zombie, heel character with Brother Love as a manager (later managed by Paul Bearer) who was a thorn in the side of many stars, especially Hulk Hogan. His costume was black, with grey gloves, boot covers, and tie. He then turned face in 1993, mostly due to his war with Giant Gonzales.

The beginning of 1994 brought the end of that Undertaker with a casket match against Yokozuna that saw about 12 guys hit the ring and help Yokozuna defend his title. After the match the Undertaker vowed never to Rest In Peace and be reborn. He came back at Summerslam '94 with a new look. The look was similar to the old with the exception of the grey being replaced by purple. The entrance music was slightly modified as the Undertaker returned to dispose of an imposter brought by Ted DiBiase.

 The Undertaker stayed with this look until the middle of 1996 when Paul Bearer turned on him in the Boiler Room Brawl match with Mankind. At this point he was losing a little of the undead, morbidness. Later that year he faced Mankind in a Buried Alive match. The Undertaker was buried (even after winning) when Mankind had the help of five other guys. The Undertaker returned at Survivor Series with a new all black leather look.
This look remained the same with only slight modifications until 1998 at King of the Ring. This time he had new entrance music.
In December of 1998 the Undertaker had another buried alive match, this time against Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Undertaker was buried again with the help of backhoe and Kane. He returned before the Royal Rumble of 1999 being worshiped as a god. He went back to his old entrance music (1996 version) and kept the same costume except for a black robe with a hood and the bottom of his mustache shaved. And that is the look he has today.
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