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Welcome to my Undertaker page where you can get all the information on the Undertaker from when he first started in the World Wrestling Federation up until now.
This site is detecated to when The Undertaker was the Dark Side.

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At Wrestlemania X-8 The Undertaker went up against Ric Flair in a match for the ages. It started of with The Undertaker coming down to the ring on his motor cycle, then Ric Flair.  The Match started back and forwards with The Undertaker getting the upper hand as the match spilt out side of the squared circle with The Undertaker getting a steel chair.  Then Ric got a steel pipe hitting The Undertaker over the head causing a cut at the top of his head.  Ric picked up the steel chair hitting The Undertaker repeatedly over the back and head.  When The Undertaker was lying on the mat Ric put him in the figure four leg lock causing The Undertaker to get his DARK SIDE look on his face as he grabbed Ric by the froat picked him up and gave him the Choke slam Undertaker went for the pin but before the ref could count 3 taker pulled Ric's Shoulders of the mat.  Then The Undertaker set Ric up for the Last Ride but drooped him so he set him up again but couldn't do it so he went for the Tombstone Pile driver dropping a bloody Ric head first into the mat pining him with the Dark Side Pin and getting the 3 for the win.
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